Vegan School Lunches Don't Have to be Hard!

The Vegan Lunchbox Club takes out all the effort of school lunches for busy parents like you.

You're invited... Vegan Lunchbox Club

Sound Familiar?

Do you...
Find yourself having to rush to the supermarket late at night because you don't have anything for school lunches in the morning?
Wish you could make your kids healthy lunchbox snacks, but you just don't have the time?
Worry that your kids are going to get bored of their sandwiches, and you won't know what to give them?
Kids complain that their lunches are boring and they want fun lunches like their friends?
Ever find yourself buying snacks that aren't quite vegan, because it's too hard to find good nut free vegan options?


Being able to drink your coffee while it's still hot on school mornings, because you have time.

Taking only 2 minutes in the morning to fill you kids' lunchboxes with healthy delicious foods that they're actually excited about.

Your kids coming home from school with empty lunchboxes (and it's because they ate their food, not threw it out).

The mum of one of your child's classmates sidling up to you looking sheepish as she asks how you make such great school lunches, because her son has been begging for the same.

Finding out that one of the kids at after school sports is allergic to nuts, and not worrying because you already have nut free snacks packed.

Realising you're one of those mums who everyone else thinks is totally organised and on top of things.

If you want

Healthy school lunches that your kids are excited about.
Easy lunchbox recipes that you know are vegan and nut free.
No more hours spent searching the supermarket for nut free vegan snacks.
Cheaper grocery bills because you don't have to take out a second mortgage to afford all the vegan snacks
And to know that your child's lunches are planned out by a vegan nutritionist, and full of protein, iron, zinc, and everything they need to grow, focus, learn and play.

Then you're going to love the Lunchbox Club!

In the Lunchbox Club you'll get

New recipes every week
You'll never have to go searching for nut free vegan recipes again!
Shopping Lists made easy
We've done the hard work for you by writing up the shopping lists you'll need!
Multiple Servings
No more having to figure out serving sizes! The shopping lists and recipes serve 1-4 kids, and we'll happily add more if you need it!
Bonus Recipes eack week
Do your kids need snacks for after school too? You'll get bonus recipes every week that are perfect for after school or if your kids need a bit extra.
Everything is Nut Free
You won't need to spend hours looking at ingredients at the supermarket anymore, all the recipes are nut free.
100% Gluten Free options
Over 100 delicious gluten free recipes, because we're here to make your life easier, not harder!
Weekend Prep instructions
And don't worry, you won't spend hours putting lunches together in the mornings. Every week you'll get weekend prep instructions so lunches will be ready in less than 5 minutes every morning.
Full nutrition breakdown
Included in all the recipes. No more worrying about how much Protein, Zinc, Iron or other nutrients your kids are getting.

Hi, I'm Gen.

I'm a vegan nutritionist, and mum of two boys who have been vegan their whole lives.

I used to get asked all the time by other parents how my kids have such great school lunches every day. They're always sure that I spend hours putting them together, which made me laugh because they take me about 2 minutes each morning.

Then other parents started asking me for my recipes (yep, they know I'm vegan, and no they definitely aren't!). When it got to the point that parents were asking if I'd make their kids' lunches, I decided I had to do something!

So I created the Lunchbox Club, where I give you all of my recipes, shopping lists to make your school lunches super easy.

Every week I'll send you

Nut free vegan lunchbox recipes that your kids will love.
A bonus recipe for after school activities, or kids with bigger appetites.
Mobile friendly shopping lists that you can take to the supermarket with you.
Weekend Prep Instructions for easy mornings.
Full nutrition information so that you know exactly how much protein, iron, zinc, calcium, and more that your kids are getting.

Fully Customisable

Set your units, dietary type, and number of kids so your recipes are shopping lists are tailored just for you.
Replace any of the recipes in the weekly plan and the shopping lists and nutrition info will automatically update!
PLUS access to our recipe index of all the past lunchbox recipes, to have plenty to choose from.

Join the Vegan Lunchbox Club today to give your kids fun, exciting, and healthy Vegan school lunches every day.


$16 $10 /month

Limited time introductory price,
lock it in now forever.

  • Less than $3 per week

  • Brand new nut-free vegan lunchbox recipes every week (with 100% GF options)

  • Full shopping lists

  • Full nutrition breakdowns for each recipe

  • Weekend prep instructions for easy school mornings

  • Access all previous weeks' recipes


$144 $90 /year

Limited time introductory price,
lock it in now forever.

  • BEST VALUE - less than $2 per week

  • Brand new nut-free vegan lunchbox recipes every week (with 100% GF options)

  • Full shopping lists

  • Full nutrition breakdowns for each recipe

  • Weekend prep instructions for easy school mornings

  • Access all previous weeks' recipes

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, all the recipes in the Lunchbox Club are nut free.

Most recipes come with weekend prep that takes about an hour each weekend. Some weeks I will do a set of recipes that can be made quickly in the mornings before school.

You can simply swap out the recipe they don't like for any of the other recipes in the index, and your shopping list and nutrition breakdown will automatically update.

Every week I give you recipes for a morning tea snack, a main lunch, a bonus after school snack, with guides for lunchbox suitable fruits and vegetables. I try to cycle the types of recipes through the weeks for variety. Snacks include muffins, protein balls, muesli bars, slices, dips, and more. Mains could be sandwiches and wraps, pizzas, sausage rolls, mini quiches, veggie patties, scrolls and more.

If you purchase the monthly subscription, you can cancel at any time. If you purchase the annual subscription, which gives you 3 months free, you will get access for 12 months. Due to the digital nature of this product, we do not offer refunds.

The recipes and shopping lists are available in metric and imperial units, so you can use them anywhere in the world. The ingredients are quite generic, so you should be able to find them in your supermarket. If you have trouble finding an ingredient you can email me and I can help you find a substitute.

Most recipes are either gluten free or have a GF option.

If your kids have other food allergies, send me an email and I'll see if I can help.

If you need any assistance, please contact us at [email protected].

All prices listed in AUD, payment via credit card. No lock-in contracts, you can cancel any time. Due to the digital nature of the club, there are no refunds.